Importance of Cultural Practices in Promoting Wellness

To constructively engage with the world we recognize and honour Indigenous knowledge, starting with the traditional wisdom cultural practices. Evidence-based scientific research corroborates the biological and psychological benefits of Indigenous cultural practices. It provides scientific substantiation of Indigenous cultural practices for several reasons. Yet, before discussing science, it is important to note that Indigenous practices … Continue reading Importance of Cultural Practices in Promoting Wellness

Spiritual Growth

What is spiritual growth? Is it a concept to be derived from one of the worldviews that inspire seekers at the expense of other worldviews? Or is it a kind of common denominator of all those concepts, or the total of all possibilities to grow as appearing in the various traditions? As indicated, “spiritual growth” … Continue reading Spiritual Growth

Problem-causing Behaviors

Here are several popularly embraced values that, by disregarding the primacy of the fundamental harmonizing force in the universe, produce recurrent problems that make living difficult:   Materialism: love of money or worldly possessions  Emotionalism: overriding desire to feel good through emotional gratification  Sensualism: attachment to bodily sensual pleasures  Egotism: interest in … Continue reading Problem-causing Behaviors

Influence of Religions

Religious communities may not only influence what possible identities are available to people, but may also dictate the moral valence, or attractiveness, of the possible identities that are available in the broader cultural milieu. Are the same kinds of identities considered desirable (or negative) across different religious groups? How has the valence of different identities … Continue reading Influence of Religions

The Spiritual Dimension of Transformative Leadership

The Spiritual Dimension(s) of Transformative Leadership – (Adopted from – Some Thoughts on the Role of Spirituality in Transformational Leadership By Helen S. Astin) In thinking about transformative leadership that aims to alter the culture and structure of an organization I have come to the realization that such work calls for a personal transformation. How … Continue reading The Spiritual Dimension of Transformative Leadership

Spiritual Self-Care

“Spiritual self-care is defined as the set of spirituality-based practices in which people engage to promote continued personal development and well-being in times of health and illness”. An individual’s mind-spirit-body connection, upbringing, moral and religious background, and life experiences that originate from faith, feelings, and emotions form the basis of spiritual self-care. Examples of spiritual … Continue reading Spiritual Self-Care

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy, one of many counselling approaches employed by psychotherapists today, “assumes that culture, language, relationships and society contribute to the way that individuals understand their identities and problems and make meaning in their lives”. This approach recognizes that the narrative which a community conveys to its children is vital to their well-being and sense … Continue reading Narrative Therapy

Individual and Group Qualities Essential for Effective Leadership

Individual and Group Qualities (Adopted from-Some Thoughts on the Role of Spirituality in Transformational Leadership By Helen S. Astin) – In viewing leadership as a collective effort certain qualities are expected to be inherent in such groups. Five prominent ones are enlisted below – The five Group Qualities are: 1. Collaboration: Collaboration is the cornerstone … Continue reading Individual and Group Qualities Essential for Effective Leadership

Courage and Recovery

Developing courage is an essential element in seeking recovery. It requires discipline and determination to yield results. Courage is rooted in connecting with a calm internal stillness. Harnessing this aspect of the spiritual life can appear inaccessible in the face of the realities of recovery. Spirituality is an avenue through which acts of courage can … Continue reading Courage and Recovery

Music Therapy For Wellness

A plethora of studies speak to how music travels through neural pathways and activates various sections of the brain. Whether it is a pleasurable melody or engaging rhythm, there is a correlated response that releases endogenous opioids such as dopamine or prolactin into the body. Given these biological benefits we can understand not only why … Continue reading Music Therapy For Wellness


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